lunes, 17 de octubre de 2011

The greatest Miracle the Movie 3D

The greatest Miracle

De: ElGranMilagro  | 04/10/2011  | 629 reproducciones

The greatest Miracle it´s an inspyring story that reveals hope and faith, the story involves the life of three characters in crisis:

Mónica, a widow and mother of a 9 years child, she do her best to suport their home.
Don Chema, a public transport driver who receives a bad new about a sickness that can bring the dead to his son.
And for last, Doña Cata an older woman that feels that the misión of her life has come to the end.
The storys are interwine when they feel the need of being in the church, closet o God.
And what they didn´t imagine is that their lifes are about to change in a drastic way.
With the help of guardian angels they will witness the true meaning of church, with a constant fight between good and evil and the triumph of faith above all.